Code of Conduct

We, as members of M/s Gavde Finance Pvt. Ltd., are committed to display through our behavior and actions the following CONDUCT which applies to all aspects of our Business:

CONDUCT which is of the highest ethical standards-intellectual, financial and moral and reflects the highest levels of courtesy and consideration to others.

CONDUCT which builds and maintains Team work, with mutual trust as the basis of all working relationship.

CONDUCT which puts the customer first, the Company second and the self last.

CONDUCT which exemplifies care for the customer through anticipation of need, attention to detail, excellence, aesthetics and style and respect for privacy along with warmth and concern.

CONDUCT which demonstrates two-way communication accepting constructive debate and dissent whilst acting fearlessly with conviction.

CONDUCT which demonstrates that people are our key asset, through respect for every employee, and leading from the front regarding performance achievements as well as individual development.

CONDUCT which at all times safeguards the safety, security, health and environment of customers, employees and the assets of the Company.

CONDUCT which eschews the short-term quick-fix-fix for the long-term establishment of healthy precedent.