Code of Conduct

We, as members of M/s Gavde Finance Pvt. Ltd., are committed to display through our behavior and actions the following VALUES & CONDUCT which applies to all aspects of our Business:

  • 1
  • CONDUCT Which puts the customer first, the Company second and the self last.

  • 2
  • CONDUCT Which exemplifies care for the customer through anticipation of need, attention to detail, excellence, aesthetics and style and respect for privacy along with warmth and concern.

  • 3
  • CONDUCT Which always safeguards the safety, security, health and environment of customers, employees and the assets of the Company.

  • 4
  • CONDUCT Which is of the highest ethical standards-intellectual, financial and moral and reflects the highest levels of courtesy and consideration to others.

  • 5
  • CONDUCT Which demonstrates that people are our key asset, through respect for every employee, and leading from the front regarding performance achievements as well as individual development.

  • 6
  • CONDUCT Which builds and maintains team work, with mutual trust as the basis of all working relationship,